In its place of reviving an older thread, I am going to go away a L I N K B A C K .

Just this afternoon I commenced significantly digging into Amplitube 4, making use of their proprietary “gear” as nicely as some of the Fender Selection. I’m exploring for “the sound” I’d like to use with my Strat (to commence with) on my next venture.

I can see I’m going to have to offer with 1. Line sound (hum) and 2. Interference from AC source (wall outlet > electricity strip > Laptop). Amplitube’s noise gate handles the line hum nicely, but the AC interference is coming in the type of spikes – most, not all, can be gated but then I lose my maintain. The AC spikes are not coming from my A/C or appliances.. so a filter of some form is in order. I am going to be researching that a single.

I you should not get these difficulties with Reaper on your own, at minimum not the AC spikes. I do get a decrease level line sound. These noises are magnified when I incorporate Amplitube 4 to an Fx chain – and I will not have the gains cranked.

I have presently picked a several combos to monitor with the Strat. Then I am going to shell out some time on the lookout for a good bass combo.

In the more mature LINKBACK thread, @andrushkiwt was pondering how a lot CPU was currently being used by the chains he was utilizing. I haven’t read all the older posts there..nonetheless, but my edition of Amp 4 has a spot in the upper right display you can click on on and a stage meter for CPU utilization pops up.

Mostly, I’ve been playing around with a ’65 Fender Twin Reverb and Amplitube’s comparable product (can’t recall). I am obtaining some nice overdrive sounds even however I’m not dialing it in – I am not cranking the channel for distortion.. the Twin won’t provide that, nevertheless I’m still receiving a slight distortion which is actually awesome. Maybe it is from obtaining the Strat cranked applying the Bridge-Center setting.

Very well in any case, every thing is up and functioning with only a slight noise trouble and it is acquired me all fired up. I have played extra nowadays than I have in months – and the Strat’s playability is giving me all kinds of ideas for new songs. It’s heading to be complicated to maintain them at bay while I focus on what requirements accomplishing now.

I will be again..