AT-LP2022 60th Birthday

AT-LP2022 60th Birthday TURNTABLE

AT-LP2022 60th Birthday: announced the introduction of its 60th Anniversary AT-LP2022 Manual Belt-Drive Turntable, a limited-edition record player that celebrates A-T’s 60 years of excellence in high-performance analog audio. A  

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Google Makes Audio Ads Available To All Advertisers

Google is making audio ads available to all advertisers, giving businesses more ways to reach music and podcast listeners on YouTube.

Previously, specific product categories were ineligible to run  

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Six Tips To Consider Before You Invest In a Home Automation

Property automation, generally utilizing Crestron, has been at the core of my audio-movie procedure in my final three residences. When not the most fruitful of marketing class (when evaluating to

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Google Strikes Back at Sonos; SmartSpeaker War Gets Ugly

Soon after dropping a conclusion, Google has struck back at Sonos with new lawsuits of its possess. The ongoing copyright infringement wrestle involving Sonos and Google reveals an uglier facet

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Reclaiming the Term ‘Audiophile’ | Audioholics

was recently watching a video made by audio reviewer and YouTube personality
Steve “The Audiophiliac” Guttenberg, in which he was interviewing Yale Evelev,
the president of Luaka Bop Records

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Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary Edition loudspeaker

Has it ever crossed your head that the motive you like your technique far more than your friend’s or the store’s is not for the reason that yours is greater,
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LSA VT-70 integrated amplifier |

I like to consider that my musical preferences are pretty eclectic: jazz, pop, blues, Americana, metal, entire world songs, ambient, prog rock, far more. Operatic songs and classical singing, even
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dCS Rossini Apex D/A processor

The textual content, from Gary Bruestle, a speaker-positioning wizard at Definitive Audio in Seattle, left my mouth watering: “Have you listened to the Apex variation of a Rossini or Vivaldi
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Gramophone Dreams #65: Music Hall Analogue A3 phono

If I hear it, is it serious?
If your ears see,
And your eyes listen to,
Not a doubt you may cherish—How naturally the rain drips
From the eyes!
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Will Dirac’s New Spatial Room Correction Technology

Imagine a “spatial” room correction to let all speakers work together to correct each other to overcome acoustical problems and get good sound at every seat. Dirac’s on the cusp

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