Are You One of the Ten Percent?

As your college years come to an end, your job search success as well as the positions and starting salaries you are offered take on a new level importance. Your

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Maklon Kosmetik

How to Reduce the Appearance of Age Spots

Age spots are mainly caused by long-term sun exposure. Although sun is the number one reason for developing age spots, smoking, a poor diet, poor liver function, and a diet

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The Vinyl Music Strikes Back

Today there are mainstream retailers who are giving vinyl a new spin. It’s pretty nostalgic and vinyl music makes all memories coming back from our respective eras. So far the  

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Cardi B to host American Music Awards

Cardi B has received five American Music Awards and done on the telecast throughout her career so much. Upcoming phase: internet hosting the show. 

The rapper driving these hits as

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