Well, all my American Close friends are tucked up in bed, and I have just got up and I see Lewis gained what is explained as a excellent traditional fight. Tyson even explained nice issues about Lewis , you can find a initial!

This concludes a terrific 7 days for Britain. It was the National Golden Jubilee weekend last weekend, celebrating 50 decades of the Queens reign so we have been all provided two days off operate. There had been gala celebrations almost everywhere, from the smallest villages with street events to London. Brian Might kicked off a Rock Concert at Buckingham Palace in friont of 15,000 people today and a worldwide viewers of 2 billion. He stood on the roof of the Palace and played the Countrywide Anthem. The equivelent would be The Manager participating in on top of the White Household. More than 1 million people were outside Buckingham Palace watching the occasion on massive screens.

A star studded line up incl. Paul McCartney, Clapton, Phil Collins and Joe Cocker gave some unforgettable reside performances .

Then England conquer Argentina in the World-cup which acquired the region to a standstill (besides Scotland, they support whoever performs England, they continue to do not forgive us for Cromwell, 1660 and the Act of Union in 1707).

And now Lewis beating Tyson tops the week.

Chuck, you gotta get your lady greater properly trained. Mine does the lawns (we got 4 of em, 5 until previous yr) and the digging and the weeding. I do the structure and the planting. My neighbours all speculate how I obtained her properly trained like that. I explain to em she came programmed that way. I consider I may possibly maintain her as prolonged as she tells me I can She’s been telling me I can keep for 24 yrs now so I guess I must be performing anything right!

Acidrock, I have to sneak gear in, mine doesn’t undertand why an AWE 64 and a $5 microphone would not make me audio like Frank Sinatra. I’m striving to determine how to convey in a 12 channel mixing desk and new watch speakers devoid of her noticing. Its Fathers Working day subsequent Sunday in the British isles and I am angling for the screens. Only Yammies cos of restricted room but even now $300+ and improved than the crappy Computer speakers I have now.

I’m aiming for Spiderman tonight, but some decorating has to be finished now, I could do a trade off.

Gotta go, breakfast is calling me. See ya!