Noah Kahan’s ‘Stick Season’ Is TikTok’s Current Viral Song

TikTok has an uncanny means to plant seemingly innocuous seem bites into the deepest recesses of your brain. Although this can induce undue irritation in some cases (see: a great number of “Berries and Cream” remixes), it’s led numerous TikToker’s to their new favored music. By the incredibly nature of the algorithm, it appears to be as although a new launch is going viral every 7 days, if not even far more regularly. The app’s most new collective obsession? “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan.

Shortly right after the track’s official release—before I at any time listened to the authentic version—TikTok customers @mariannebl and @moiraandclair’s covers popped up on my “For You” web site in speedy succession. I was mesmerized by the haunted tone and lyrical devastation, from lyrics like “And I am terrified of temperature ’cause I see you when it rains” to “So I’ll aspiration each individual night time of some edition of you that I may possibly not have but I did not reduce. Instantly, I dropped almost everything (browse: my mindless scrolling) to find the original on Spotify. It is in essence the only music I have listened to since Kahan’s TikTok reviews recommend I’m far from on your own, however quite a few enthusiasts experienced to impatiently wait around for the comprehensive tune.

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