Hey all,

I’m kinda contemplating in advance with this circumstance to attempt and each get the most effective out of the products that I have presently, and attempting to come across the best remedy. I’m informed I am perhaps dealing with a significantly less-than-suitable set up, but it can be what I have and I will not necessarily have substantial quantities of dollars to sink into much more machines, in addition I am seeking to retain this as compact and moveable as achievable.

The state of affairs: I’ve been accomplishing some camera exams for a feasible undertaking I have coming up. It’s just an Android system I have that I have got hooked up to a Boya BY-A7H. This appears to do a reasonable task of choosing up audio from me, in addition individuals inside of a sensible length, though of course there is a quantity disparity amongst them and myself.

I can get about this to a affordable level by some cautious use of compression to try and make the volumes extra even. You can find only a person thing that I have to contend with right here – and that is my breathing. I’ve fundamentally been a single of those mouth breathers for most of my life and when I get started implementing make-up gain of system my breathing results in being incredibly obvious.

I am setting up a several different choices to take care of this. 1 is to try and go the whole digicam set up a little bit additional away so the microphone picks up a bit fewer breath. There may possibly be only so a great deal I can do below even though.

Choice 2 is that I test and spot an expander or noise gate right before the compressor to consider and cut down on the respiration. My issue here is that, with the complete point currently being to even out volumes among myself and someone standing nearby who is quieter, this may get started getting out audio I want to maintain.

Option 3, and the a single I am thinking may have most effective outcomes right here, is a bit of sound reduction. With the online video things, I will be modifying in Vegas Motion picture Studio, but I also have Adobe Audition. I’m wondering I could simply just move the audio about to Audition, use the applications there to try and lessen the noise of my respiratory, and then carry the audio again in. Before I soar in and have a engage in with this, I’m asking yourself if someone has had to do some thing similar and regardless of whether they can present any sage assistance to support get the very best benefits without the need of introducing way too significantly in the way of audio artifacts.

Naturally an additional resolution would also be many lavalier mics or a little something related heading into an audio recorder. This would permit me to do the expander/gate trick on just my channel (which is what I do for my set up at dwelling which solves it) but for causes of charge and portability, this alternative may not be achievable.

Edit: Properly this is uncomfortable …. just realised I’ve unintentionally posted in the wrong discussion board and I won’t be able to obtain an simple way to delete/repair it. With any luck , someone notices and moves it to in which it should be. Apologies …. this is what occurs when you post immediately after a extensive day