Omnisound Bundle contains all 6 Omnisound soundbanks for Omnisphere 2 synth. A terrific all around selection of 270 patches.

You can seize it at: for 44,99€ (Commonly 61,94€)

Omnisound Organs
A 50 preset pack for Omnisphere 2 obtaining organs and hammonds in the heart of its sound layout. Those presets fit for a assortment of genres like rock, cinematic, experimental, electronic

Omnisound Leads
Omnisound Prospects is made up of 50 exclusive guide mono synths for Omnisphere 2 that can be made use of for digital new music, techno, rock, steel or cinematic songs.
Every preset has its personal character and there is a variety of analog, fizzy, mysterious and sci-fi sounds that blend wonderful with atmospheric sections of your productions. In most of them you can use MW for vibrato or filter reduce off environment as properly as some other intriguing features like HardSync or Reverb Freeze to include new sound hues.

Omnisound One of a kind Keyboards
Omnisound One of a kind Keyboards is a 50 preset soundbank for Omnisphere 2 with unheard of keyboard sounds for your productions. From dreamy pianos to haunted melodic timbres and lots of modulation possibilities like use of MW and AT to insert new attention-grabbing features to the final seem.

Omnisound One of a kind Guitars
Omnisound Distinctive Guitars includes 50 exclusive and experimental presets with acoustic and electric powered guitars at its core of audio style and design. There a good deal much than standard sounds in this article as the soundbank keeps the one of a kind and fresh character of Omnisound sequence.

Omnisound Saws
Omnisound Saws is a 50 Omnisphere patches soundbank developed with Noticed oscillators. This lender has mainly a sci-fi emotion with great deal of majestic character. MW for vibrato and AT most of the times for pitch quest.

Omnisound Saws 2 The legatos
Omnisound Saws 2 The legatos is a compact Omnisphere 2 soundbank consisting of 20 legato synth seems with sci-fi character. It is a excellent addition to the initially “Omnisound Saws” Omnisphere presets. MW for Vibrato and AT for pitch quest.

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