Quietly outsmarting competitors in the big league like Niam Audio, Musical Fidelity and Quad Audio, Cyrus offers much more than just functionality, the company aspires to manufacture its own product parts. You are sure to find the electronic engineering subtle which becomes the competent component of Cyrus. Those who consider the vision of a conductor to be very captivating and entertaining as an experience in art, Cyrus makes the whole odyssey subtle yet exhilarating into the world of music, full of color with a system that provides nothing but quality sound.

A true icon:

It is in the legendary Cyrus chassis that all the models of Cyrus Audio are built, ensuring that the company emerges iconic in the audio world. This whole musical experience with a Cyrus is stylish but remains undeniably understated. Under enormous pressure the classic Cyrus takes on the final surface, after which it is cooled and then hand finished. The product is destined from the product line to endure with casting forms that are unique and which form a technically valuable and very strong enclosure.

A much diluted term today is ‘Hi fi’, which can be applied to any mass produced box that makes music. Cyrus Audio distributes and manufactures audio systems of high performance and designs them in house and this adds dimensions to the term. There are a number of people who are interested primarily in investing in an audio system from Cyrus for the quality it offers, in the highest possible way, and in every intelligent audio design facet. Products of this company are exclusively developed for such individuals.

Across a broad range of system options, the company has earned critical world wide acclaim for the latest hard disk media server to AV systems. Audio performance remains a common denominator. Compared to the mass market, all its products sound extremely good as the company continues to influence the industry consistently with influenced many exciting technologies and ideas ever since it entered the fray when the CD concept was new.

Product of modern thinking:

Great improvement to the performance of digital storage makes every Cyrus product a multi channel audio, empowered by AV systems. No larger than a box of cookies is the Cyrus 6vs which when installed gives the impression of the amp being nothing short of a modern thinking product. When the amp is not in use, it can go into the sleep mode with the availability of a standby switch located on the panel in the front.

Instead of a phalanx of switches and pots that are old fashioned, the other controls like the volume knob are tied to the logic circuit. Another classic is the remote control handset inclusion. Like a true leader the Cyrus audiophiles enjoy rave reviews and referrals from users around the world. As a separate product Cyrus has carved a reputation for providing amps at budget prices but no compromise on sound. The company enjoys rack life in markets all over the world. The products are replete with real value features that make the products nothing less than heirlooms!